I remember the very first time I gave my first born baby solids. Technically it didn’t resemble anything tasty or delicious but it was safe and low allergen and recommended. So I mixed up a small amount of baby rice cereal and took a giant leap of faith and fed him a spoonful. It was such a huge deal to me and I was honestly terrified.

With baby number two I was less concerned with death by choking and more concerned with just ‘getting it started’.

Each time I started a child on solids and then gradually onto finger food I was always a little anxious and unsure about how to get there. What pathway is the right one!? What if I give them nuts, honey or egg too soon and they have an allergic reaction! Parents these days are filled with a lot of anxiety about starting solids, it almost seems unfair.  

I will share some helpful tips in this article below but please be aware this is general advice and if you have serious concerns about your child you must seek appropriate medical care. As I always say, this advice is from one Mumma to another – I am not a qualified expert.

1. START YOUR CHILD ON SOLIDS AROUND 4-6 MONTHS – After the first month you can offer solids before a bottle/breast feed. This will encourage the baby to try new foods as she will be hungry.

2. BEGIN WITH 2 FEEDS PER DAY -If baby is taking between 10-20 spoonful’s at each feed then increase to 3 feeds per day.


4. INTRODUCE FRUITS & VEGETABLES AT 4-5 MONTHS – For great ideas on what to feed baby at this time check out this great recipe for ‘carrot and ginger puree’.

5. INTRODUCE MEAT & MILK PRODUCTS AT 5-6 MONTHS – Meat and Dairy are important for all children to have exposure to. In my opinion this helps their digestive systems get used to a wide variety of foods and the health benefits from all food groups. Follow this link for a great ‘porridge’ recipe.

6. INTRODUCE EGG & NUT PRODUCTS AT 6-9 MONTHS – The research is out there for both sides of the argument. Do we introduce high allergen food like egg and nut products before 1 year or wait. The advice when I had my eldest was to wait until they turned 1 but studies are now suggesting children need this exposure much earlier than 1 year. This advice was given to me by my children’s Paediatrician and I have followed it with no problem. If you are concerned or have history with allergies you will need to seek professional medical advice.

7. INTRODUCE FISH & SEAFOOD AT 7-10 MONTHS – As someone that grew up not eating a lot of Seafood I never acquired the skill or taste for it. That didn’t mean I wanted to deprive my children of the huge benefits of eating Seafood. Click here for a tasty Fish & Sweet potato puree recipe by Annabel Karmel!

8. INTRODUCE HONEY AT 12 MONTHS AND ALL FOODS BY 12 MONTHS– Make Honey the last thing you introduce

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